Legal texts

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) was created by a decree-law n ° 2011-85 of 13 September 2011. A public institution unique in its kind, the CDC is endowed with legal personality and financial, and is not subject to the provisions of the law n ° 89-9 of February 1st, 1989 relating to the participations, companies and public establishments.
The legislator has endowed the CDC with a plurality of legal texts that trace its specificity as a financial arm of the State. These texts essentially specify its administrative and financial organization, its operation and the prudential rules and standards that apply to it.


Décret-loi n° 2011-85 du 13 septembre 2011

Décret n° 2011-4087 du 17 novembre 2011

Décret n° 2013-1301 du 26 février 2013

Arrêté du ministre de l'économie et des finances du 3 février 2015